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Station Sale:
What You Need To Know!

(Updated October 2015)

KTMW TV20, the host television station of The Ex-Mormon Files and several other programs, has been sold.

Q. Will the new owners of the station continue to broadcast The Ex-Mormon Files?

A. No. The sale is now final, and the new owners are currently broadcasting from the Spanish-language Telemundo® network, as of August 2015.

Q. Does the sale of TV20 mean the end ofThe Ex-Mormon Files?

A. NO WAY! Because of the encouraging response to our programming, we are committed to continuing the production of new programs for as long as the Lord permits us to do so, and will be making them available via Internet broadcast. All of our programming has always been available online, and this will not change. We will do all that we can to make the transition to Internet-only broadcast as seamless as possible for our viewers. In fact, we will be making improvements--including high-definition video!

Q. Will I still be able to view the program on my TV?

A. Yes; there are a number of low-cost Internet-to-television devices. Our preferred option is Roku TV (Click here to learn more), because we have developed our own Roku channel. (If you have Roku, add our free channel by clicking HERE.) There are other options as well, including Chromecast®, and many newer wi-fi capable Blu-Ray players and gaming devices, that can easily bring high-quality, Internet-based programming directly to your television, if you have an adequate Internet connection in your home. In addition, our programming will continue to be viewable on YouTube (as it always has been) and on the video streaming service Vimeo.

If you have a ROKU TV device, we now have a dedicated, public "Ex-Mormon Files" channel. Click here for more information on how to access our programming on Roku TV.

Q. Will the sale affect the other stations (Boise, ID; Tri-Cities & Walla Walla, WA) that air this programming?

A. These stations will continue to broadcast these programs as long as they wish to do so, and as long as we continue to provide it to them. And if you would like to see another local independent Christian broadcaster air our programming, we are happy to provide programming to them. Please contact us!

Q. Will Polygamy: What Love Is This? also continue producing new content?

A. Yes. All of the above information pertains to Polygamy: What Love Is This as well. New programming will continue to be available as long as the Lord permits us to continue!

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